Privacy Policy

A transparent overview

How information is collected

No cookies, pixels, or other trackers are used.

Data is collected by gathering the user's form inputs, in addition to primitive data, such as the date of an event's/vote's creation.

VoteOn.Date does not require any personally identifiable or sensitive information.

How information is used

No information is shared with third parties.

Information is only used to directly provide services to VoteOn.Date's users.

How to view, change, or delete information

Upon the creation or editing of an event or vote, the user is shown the Admin-/Voter-Panel and prompted to bookmark or save that website's URL.

Use the stored link to view, change, or delete the event's/vote's information.

Additionally, an event's admin may edit or delete the participants' votes.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change in the future.

Should there be any further questions, please contact us.